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Tuesday January 4, 2011 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Uncategorized

I hear all the time about people doing writing exercises to help improve their writing or perhaps to just stay in practice.  There are writing groups and websites that use writing prompts to give you something to use to spur your short goal writing.  I know the Writing Excuses gives a writing prompt every week.

I find that I just don’t have the time to do these.  My novel is the focus of my writing time right now.   I can see the value of doing some writing involving your characters to help find a voice for them or to help flesh out your world so that you understand how things work, stuff that the reader will never see, but just doing writing prompts  seems beyond the time allotment I have to do any writing.

Do you spend time doing writing prompts or other writing exercises?  If so, do you think it has a tangible benefit?  Maybe I just need to make time for this kind of stuff.

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  1. I don't know anyone personally that uses them, I'm curious if anyone 1. has time for them, 2. actually gets something out of it. Thanks again Ivy for dropping by! =)

  2. I had fun with them back when I was in writing classes. It helped us think on our feet, as the exercises were timed. Then we'd read them out loud and we had a lot of laughs.

  3. Any type of writing offers some type of benefit, but you are correct, how many of us have the time to do this? The majority of my time is spent on the manuscript. When I'm ready to throw in the towel, I reward myself with blogging time. I think you are wise to focus on your novel. Perhaps if you experience writer's block, a prompt would be a good distraction that will at least keep your fingers moving.

  4. What is this writer's block you speak of? LOL, knock on wood, so far the only real block I have is making myself sit down at the keyboard. I agree with you that writing anything is way better than not writing at all. I'm with you on the blogging time, sometimes there just isn't a big enough block of time to sit down and work on the novel or you've run the string out on a plot idea or scene and need a breal to reload the old noggin. Thanks for posting Paul!

  5. @The Happy Whisk I used to be in a Role Playing Game that was so basic that guilds popped up that centered around writing forums. One of the rules was you had to post on the guild website every week to stay in the guild. That was where I got the majority of my creative writing in and it was a lot of fun too. I haven't written to a writing prompt since college days many moons ago, but I can see where they could be lots of fun. I wonder if I would feel guilt in spending that time working on something I might never use. I don't feel guilt about time spent blogging.

  6. I think life is too short to feel guilty that you might not ever use that writing. Plus, sometimes when I'm writing, I'll toss the first few pages because they are crap. I don't feel bad because it was those crappy first few pages that brought me to the real start of the story.

  7. I think that is different though, becuase it's time spent toward something you intended to use. I certainly don't keep everything I write, at least I don't keep in in the novel. I do have a boneyard file I use for scraps.

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