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Monday May 2, 2011 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Blogging

Just wanted to get in an update. I’ve started writing again. I’ve decided that I need to write a little to keep the spark alive and to give myself something to look forward to. I am taking my first test next week and I need to bear down and focus. We had a big inspection at work this week and it went very well, but my studying was nearly nonexistent. I’ve decided I need to have a deadline in order to put the pressure on and help hone the focus. I really want to power through these subjects and get past it. I really want to get back to writing regularly, I miss it. There was a time when I knew if I was writing I was doing the right thing. But with this course hanging over my head I feel guilt when I write instead of study. 

These things will pass with time and life continues to march onward. My eldest is about to graduate from high school and we are planning an open house for her. My younger two are starting soccer season, my eldest son is working out with my wife and I, and he is seeing real improvement, unlike his mother and I.

All the horrible storms we’ve had recently really keep the mundane things in perspective. Lots of people are going through a horrible time. Its hard to complain,well, that’s not true, its way too easy to complain but at least it feels cheesy to complain. We’ve had our turn with hard times, and right now things are going well and I thank God every day.

Good luck to all of you fighting the good fight, in whatever endeavor it may be in.

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