Father’s Day

Sunday June 19, 2011 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Blogging

I love my family! They give me purpose and fill me with joy (most of the time). I was thinking about writing something up about my father and what he means to me, but this year I’m going to focus on being the father.

These pictures are from the card my youngest daughter made for me, it bled through on the scanner a little.

I read stories of father’s that never loose their temper and always know what to say. That’s not me. I wish I could keep my cool, but I get mad when the don’t do what their told and at times seem like they would rather argue with me than help me. I’m pretty easy going most of the time. People at work wouldn’t recognize the “yeller” that I am at home sometimes, but at work people generally don’t argue with me for the sake of it.

My wife and children are all overachievers and do very well academically. I am an island of type B in a sea of type As. Kristi and I talked about raising kids that are willful and independent, but the downside is also that they are willful and independent. They are great with their friends but it seems they take delight in tormenting each other, much to my chagrin. But, when the chips are down we are “Team Moody”, and we can circle the wagons pretty well. My wife and I are always trying to get them to realize how precious family is. They are closer to each other then they realize; we have one going away to college this fall and I know they will miss her and she them.

I love being a Dad. I wish my job didn’t require so much of my time, as I don’t feel like my family gets enough of it. I know I can do better with the time I do have at home, but I get caught up doing projects, like writing my novel, that take away even more of my time. I actually like spending time with them all, they are bright and funny and fun to be around. Especially when we get them alone or in small groups. There is something strange that happens when all 4 of them are together, they seem to get collectively louder, at an exponential rate. Especially if we are all in the van driving somewhere.


This Father’s Day I had been joking about wanting an iPad, I even tweeted about it. I was pretty relentless about it, as my wife was steadfastly refusing to allow me to get one…ever. It became a thing. I took every opportunity to suggest the iPad for a gift, even though I knew it was expensive and redundant, because I have an iPhone. I knew my wife was right, but it was fun joking around about it. I knew in my heart that I would just upgrade my laptop when my current one stopped working. Well, guess what…they actually surprised me with an iPad this morning! I can’t tell you how surprised and flabbergasted I was. I mean seriously! I am both ashamed and delighted! They are the absolute best! I am a very lucky man! My wife is proud of how well she had me fooled. =)


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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