I Will Not Be Boycotting the Olympics

Friday February 7, 2014 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Blogging

There has been a lot of grousing on the interwebs about the Sochi Olympics and how homophobic the Russians are; the fact that the village isn’t completed, or there may be tens of billions of dollars in graft and corruption. Several of my friends and people whose blogs I read are talking about boycotting Sochi.
I don’t get this.
How is any of that relevant to how hard the athletes have trained? They have devoted their lives to getting ready for the next Olympics. We can debate how important sports are. Or if there is any value in watching sports, but how does boycotting Sochi have anything to do with the events that are televised? The TV rights are bought and paid for. The tickets are already sold for the events. I have never spent a dime on anything related to the Olympics, and I don’t plan to now. About the only thing I can think of is that some Neilson rating number will get an infinitesimally small blip from me watching a televised event.

The Events themselves are often amazing. The athletes are a joy to watch. Their skill, honed through thousands of hours of practice and sacrifice, is a thing of beauty. And most of them are not getting paid for this and had to scrimp and save just to be able to barely get there. They want us to watch them. Many of them have prepared for this moment for their entire lives.
I don’t have to agree with anything the Russians are doing or have done to prepare for this in order to support the athletes. If you want to take the International Olympic Committee to task, or the Russian government, then more power to you. But the athletes aren’t responsible for any of it.


I’ll be watching as much as I can. Not just the athletes of our country, but all the countries. I do get a thrill from watching USA win, but the spirit of the competition and the devotion of these athletes is worthy of our admiration, no matter where they are from.

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  1. I watched the opening ceremony with my little one and we loved the whole thing (though I'm not a fan of Putin). I admire ALL the athletes and can't wait to watch as much of the events as I possibly can! go, USA, 😀 It's unfortunate that the athletes have to suffer the fallout of politics.

  2. I like this response. 🙂 We were just discussing in my family this morning the '80/'84 boycotts and how much that hurt the athletes. I agree that we can watch in support of the athletes and let the politics play itself out in a different way.

  3. I watched it with my eldest and we had a great time. I agree completely with your sentiments, Kerry! I really enjoy watching the athletes; they are so amazing!Thanks so much for reading and posting a comment. =)

  4. I think the idea that they can just wait four more years for a better venue is a little ridiculous, when they spend so much time and effort getting to the top of their sport. Thanks for coming by Jami! I am reading your blog, only been lurking more lately. =)

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