Riding the 1st Wave

Tuesday December 18, 2018 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | music

48101-godfathersI was in the car the other day, listening to Siruis/XM radio, channel 33, 1st Wave, which I adore. The song that come on the radio was “Birth, School, Work, Death” by The Godfathers. It brought back some good memories. I used to own that album on cassette. Here is the YouTube video: Birth School Work Death

I was really into music in the mid-80s, I even DJed for a brief time in the spring and summer of 1987. It was the end of the first wave of alternative rock, but there was still great music coming out. This album was just one example.

Sherman, set the way back machine for 1988. It was early summer and I had just bought the tape maybe a week before, after seeing The Godfathers on an MTV video; they actually played videos back then. My roommate was from Chicago and we were driving up for the weekend to see what we could get into, two young and single dudes. He was in the driver’s seat as I read a paper which he had acquired earlier that detailed all the entertainment that week in Chicago, and we had just gotten into range to listen to his favorite radio station. “Birth, School, Work, Death” came on the radio and I mused that it would be cool if we could see somebody like The Godfathers that weekend. I turned the page and voilà, like magic they were playing at the Metro that very night. It was an awesome show and a really cool venue.

We made a lot of trips to Chicago that summer, but nothing topped the serendipity of that concert. St. Elmo’s Fire had been released a few years before that, and were felt like we were living a little bit like those twenty-something’s in the big city. Within a little more than a year, though, we would both be married and our lives would settle into a different trajectory, but the summer of 1988 was my introduction into adulthood in many ways.

Thanks Sirius/XM 1st Wave for the trip down memory lane and well done!

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  1. Ha, so true, they are still playing, too, at least the lead singer is. They did a show back in April that someone posted on YouTube. I like alt rock on channel 36 as well, but the great music was back in the 80s and 90s. Great to see you on here, Stacy!

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