Yeah, I Write Poetry

Monday July 15, 2019 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Blogging

When I was at In Your Write Mind last weekend, I took a workshop on Poetry. One of mywriter juice good friends, Suz Jay, sent me a link for a Writer’s Digest contest this week and it seemed like fun. I spent a half hour and wrote a poem. This is a particular style called Zejel. It is an old Spanish style, with a specific rhyming scheme.

As it turns out I like this. It fits my short attention span very nicely. I hope to do a lot more.


Anyway here it is, please to enjoy:


Spilling your guts upon the page

Racking your brain, confine the rage

Squeeze your heart and open the cage


Character, Setting, Conflict, Story

Try and Fail, Nail your Quarry

The elusive plot turned Allegory

Keep on bleeding, you’ve set the stage


Plots and Arcs and Point of View

Mix it all into the stew

Maintain Voice all the way through

No pity for the war we wage


Show don’t tell, crank up the dial

Active voice all the while

Don’t forget the Elements of style

Now your drama has come of age

I would love to hear from you!