Plans Dashed

Wednesday August 21, 2019 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Blogging

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We joke at work a lot about how much you get injured working out to be in better shape. Somehow I managed to herniate myself, so I am off my training schedule for the mini-marathon. I was hanging on to my schedule by the skin of my teeth as it was, running about a week behind, with hopes of catching up. But I am giving up on making it to the mini in October. There is another close by in the Spring. So, if I can manage to keep running through the Winter months I will try that one.

The sucky part, other than the surgery, is that I was starting to enjoy running again. I haven’t really enjoyed it for many years, but I was finally getting into running form again after 6 months of effort. Getting old is not for wimps.

Hey, more time for writing, right?

I hope you are having a wonderful day just the same.

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  1. Hi! I hate to hear about running injuries, I’m dealing with one in my knee as we speak, but I’m also training for a half marathon near Indy in the spring! I hope your recovery goes well!

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