Media Need to STOP Feeding the Coronavirus Fears

Friday February 28, 2020 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Editorial

It has gotten completely out of hand. My wife visited the doctor yesterday and they were surprised when she didn’t ask them about the coronavirus; apparently everyone else had. Media, especially television “news” outlets have been feeding the frenzy using words like “Deadly” coronavirus. It is the second LEAST deadly of all the major virus’s that have been going around for the last decade.

It IS very contagious. But is has proven to be a fairly weak virus in comparison to others. Even the normal flu virus that we get shots for every year, (you get your flu shot right?) has nearly twice as much killing potential and yet we don’t have the media screaming about that.

Good news came out today that the Israelis are a few weeks away from having a vaccine. They had been working on one for years. Good timing? Providence? Who knows.

But the fear mongering has got to stop.

My local TV station played this last night: Context matters

4 Responses

  1. Somebody needs to start talking about the TRUTH. A non-deadly disease doesn’t trigger whole countries to close their borders. There were leaked numbers from Tencent (China’s Google) and they showed that the disease was way more deadly than they were saying. Here’s the leaked data:

    I’m concerned that the people in charge are more worried about keeping people in the dark and how the stockmarket is doing (now badly) than telling the truth and preparing the population.

    1. Not sure I buy those numbers, plus I can’t read it. Only one death has been recorded outside of China where it began, due most likely to not being treated in time at the beginning of the outbreak. I trust the CDC numbers. There is no argument that it is very contagious.

  2. I wrote a post (scheduled to publish soon) about the dearth of filter masks. I understand China’s in-country use is affecting shipments, but even the local hardware store’s shelves are bare. It’s like milk-bread-toiletpaper panic buying.

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