Submission Anxiety

Wednesday May 13, 2020 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Blogging

This is not a new thing. I’ve been through this twice before and was entirely unsuccessful. So, it’s created a cringy moment for me every time I see that I have mail in “that” inbox. I expect a “no thanks” and it is kind of crazy that it is giving me so much anxiety. To be fair “so much anxiety” for me is just a little more than your everyday getting through a humdrum day level of anxiety. My wife and kids suffer from anxiety disorder, so they know it much more intimately than I do, but nonetheless it is surprising.

My son tells me he is that way for any email. Even though he knows he may have important info in there he hates getting that ping.

I remember back in the old days of America Online and that little voice that told you, “You have mail.” It was a cool thing. Subbing has kind of ruined that feeling for me.

I have it out to a dozen agents and one publisher and have already got “no thanks” from two, which, good for them, it was super fast. I appreciate that.

I know how things are. I know I have to level up my game, and I have. I expect to get a yes this time, but even saying that I still cringe every time I see that I have a response. I want it, but my track record thus far has ingrained in me an expectation of rejection.

My mentor from my MFA program told me to sub each manuscript until I got a hundred rejections. The problem I personally have is finding that many agents that represent science fiction. I have around 90 on my list. I keep looking and hoping. I know it only takes one, “Yes.”

I would love to hear your submissions stories.

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  1. Good luck!! However… I’d save querying publishers until you’ve gone through all the agents, first. A lot of agents don’t like it if you’ve subbed to publishers.

    I never got an agent. I got published long after I’d exhausted my search. And that was through Savvy Authors (I think). An editor with a publisher was having a pitch session over there, so I pitched. Got a request for the first however many pages. I made sure to end it on a hook. Score! She wanted to read the rest and I got my contract. I still wish (sometimes) that I had gotten an agent, though. I might have gotten a better deal.

    1. I hadn’t heard that agents don’t like you subbing to publishers. But I have been waiting until I was ready to sub to DAW. It is the only one at the moment. I don’t see the harm in a sub. I don’t have any offers yet. Fingers crossed.

      I’m glad you are doing so well!

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