So I finally got these in my hand last evening

Saturday February 6, 2021 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Book Release

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  1. So… you changed the name of your novel? Because I could have sworn you announced the release of another book earlier.

    1. Yes, after talking with a friend of mine who is a professional book reviewer and a mentor in the Seton Hill MFA program, he said the book was great but the cover and title didn’t match the tone of the story. So I rebranded it. Better to get it right now I figured. I just sent you a print version of the book. =) I’m very disappointed that I don’t have any reviews up yet. I obviously went about this launch wrong. But I learned a lot for my next launch.

      1. Thanks for the copy! I’ll keep a look out for it. Reviews are hard to come by. My publisher used Net Galley when my first book came out. When I went out on my own, I also used Net Galley (via a publicist–which wasn’t worth the money), but I don’t do that anymore. They’re kind of expensive and the reviews aren’t always the greatest. Best bet is to find a group who likes your genre and give ebooks away for an honest review. I see you’re on KU, so maybe you’ll get lucky and get some reviews there. Good luck!

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