Stop what you are doing and go stream TED LASSO right now!

Monday March 15, 2021 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | TV and Movie Review

I just streamed the entire show on Apple TV. I had heard that it was good, but I assumed that with a sports theme it could only be so good.

Man was I wrong.

I fucking love this show so much!!!!

There are a few spoilers below, but honestly, even if I told you the entire storyline here, it would be worth watching anyway.

I thought I had this thing figured out early on. Yes, Ted is super likeable. I mean he is so affable and joyful and rarely lets anyone or anything get him down, but the show seemed obvious that it was a reimaging of Major League. However, they kept twisting the plot just enough to keep you off stride.

I love all the characters. Lasso is wise and cunning, but plays the simpleton. He has an answer to most problems and if he doesn’t he surrounds himself with people that he trusts to help him. He sees people. All of them. He makes friends easily because he actually cares about people. Coach Beard is like a mystic guru, who is humble and happy to play second fiddle and constantly surprises. The owner of the team, Rebecca, was maybe the most nuanced of all the characters, playing the villain, but she is layered and human. At first the girlfriend of the team star seemed like the classic bimbo type, but she is actually much deeper, kind and wiser than she first appears. The team captain is a grumpy older player with anger management issues, but he is also compelling because he cares about the game so much and doesn’t endure people being mistreated. Even the equipment manager plays a pivotal role.

I did see a lot of what was coming, but it didn’t matter. The journey was so amazing and full of feels. I laughed out loud and screamed with joy at more than one scene. I got weepy at others and for a “comedy” that is pretty amazing. It didn’t come off as smarmy or caricaturish at all, but played smartly by everyone. Just enough goofiness and playfulness to keep it light most of the time, but they cover some ground about relationships and leadership. Coach Lasso has a real knack for bring people together.

The only thing I really had trouble understanding was the relationship Lasso has with his wife. And it’s not him, it’s her. I don’t understand how she doesn’t love Ted. He is such a joy. His outlook on life is simply incredible. I would love to have a Ted Lasso in my circle of friends.

The show won a Golden Globes for best actor in a comedy and best supporting actor and people’s choice for best show and they are all well deserved. The writing is wonderful and refined, and spot on. Hardly a misstep. They should win every award there is. TED LASSO is the best show on any channel.

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