Indie Book Stores are awesome!

Sunday May 2, 2021 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Writer's life

I recently moved to Lafayette, Indiana and have just this past week finally finished unpacking. It was quite the endeavor, but it’s done. The weather was so nice yesterday and after getting some errands completed, my girlfriend and I went to visit Second Flight Books over next to Columbia Park. I visited Second Flight Books back before COVID hit, to see about finding a writing group and checked on the possibility of doing something with them once I was published. A lot has happened since then. They moved to a new location and I published my book, among many other things. Their store is very cool, with lots of rooms filled with books, old and new, in every genre. They have a place to sit and read and an area for kids. They are also very welcoming to writers.

The incredible thing was how busy they were. It warmed my heart so see so many people out buying books. And they were buying them by the armload.


While I was there, arranging to sell my book, I ran into another local writer, whom I had known about for some time. He is a prolific horror writer with 13 books published and more on the way. He was gracious and humble and very cool. His name? Jonathan Janz

This pic is of both of us signing our books inhouse. If you want to get a signed addition of our books you can get them at Second Flight Books.

It was a wonderful day all around, and meeting Jonathan was the icing on the cake.

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