Help me make my book into a movie!

Wednesday July 21, 2021 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Make my book into a Movie

I got this message yesterday:


Thank you very much for allowing your story to participate in a TaleFlick Discovery contest. Your date has been set! 

It will be part of next week’s contest that starts:

Wednesday, TOMORROW, 07/21/2021 at 10:00am Pacific.  The contest will accept votes for three consecutive days, starting at the above time, and ending the following Friday at 4pm PTWhat Happens Next?

At the above start time, the contest will go live on the TaleFlick Discovery homepage, and all visitors to the site will be allowed to vote (once) on which story they think should be made into a movie.

Voters will see key information about your story as it was originally submitted to TaleFlick (revised and possibly edited for space), including Author Name, Title, Cover Image, Logline, and Genre. Each book in the contest can be expanded to read the Description as well.

Wouldn’t you like to see Effacement made into a movie? I know I would. LOL. You can help out your buddy Hero Hawkes by going by that site and voting for me! TaleFlick Discovery

I would love to hear from you!