Free Guy!

Sunday August 15, 2021 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | TV and Movie Review

Over the weekend we went to see several movies, including Free Guy starring Ryan Reynolds. I loved this movie so much! Was it original? Not really. I think Disney’s Tron was probably the first to do the plot of somebody stole my game code and made a lot of money on it. But there was enough new takes on the genre to keep my interest, and of course Ryan Reynolds was playing himself again, which I never tire of. Seems like fans love it and critics are not enamored. That’s why I rarely look for an actual critic’s opinion on any movie I want to see.

Millie is trying to find evidence that an ex-partner stole their code to make his game and never paid them. Inside the game, an NPC named Guy, a teller in a bank that gets robs multiple times a day, gets his agency triggered by seeing Millie’s ingame character. He starts leveling up like an actual player and go viral outside of the game for doing good deeds instead of bad ones, which the game invites. When Millie runs into a brick wall, she ends up enlisting Guy’s help. It is sweet and funny and filled with crazy action sequences.

The thing that really set this one apart was Jodie Comer. Also the surprising romantic nuance. Joe Keery’s best role to date as well. But Comer really brings it and stole the show. I walked out of the theater smiling ear-to-ear. Best movie I’ve seen so far this year. Highly recommended!

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