Clear Ether Progress

10 June 2019 – Just to close this out. I rewrote a lot of it during my MFA program. It’s been finished for several years. Still not sure it’s ready for publication, although I did submit it to several agents and publishers, but got no bites. Someday I may go back and clean it up again. I did start on book two but haven’t gotten very far. I decided instead to work on several other pieces. I also decided to change the title back to the original title of Vim Dicaré, and its currently sitting at 118,700 words complete.


29 June 2012 – Really thought I would be done by now but two things happened.  I needed to finish Air War College in time for my Promotion Recommendation Form was due, so I stopped pretty much every other activity to complete it, which I did a few weeks ago.  The second was some of the feedback I received let me know it wasn’t nearly ready for sending to anyone.  Grammar issues mostly and the need to clear up some issues in the beginning to get things off on the right note.  I’ve rewritten the first chapter yet again, but it feels right now.  I’m about a quarter of the way through this revision, and hope to be complete before the summer is over. 

31 Oct 2011 – I’m about a third of the way through the revision and it’s taking shape nicely.  I’m going to try to get it done before the end of the year and out to my alpha readers.  Decided to change the name again to Clear Ether.  



5 Sept 2011 – I finished the 1st draft at the end of July and have been working on the editing.  It’s coming along ok, still fighting with the beginning a bit, I actually wrote two different beginnings, but finally settled on one I like.  I am toying with changing the name of the book again.  I may do a poll later.


Bulletproof Soul is the working title for the first novel now.


27 Feb 2011 – OK, it’s a month later than the last update and I’m over 110,000 words now and closing in on the finish of the first draft.  I’ve also secured a great writing partner and she will be a great asset when I start the rewrite phase.  I’m almost at 500 pages now and over 30 chapters.  I have some great ideas already percolating for the rewrite.  I hope it doesn’t take as long as the original draft.  I should be done by the end of the week with the first draft, but I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now.  I definitely can see the finish line.

27 Jan 2011 – I did some editing on chapter one and reposted the new version on the experpt page.  I think ti flows much better now.  I’ve learned so much from when I started that I almost feel like a different guy writing this.  I have the entire book in my head now, but that has drawbacks all of its own.  Forest and trees thing.  I’m up to 96,736 words now, and am in the midst of the climax.  I am going slowly here, but feel pretty good about how its developing.  I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.   Then it’s all editing.  I passed the 400 page mark this week also.

13 Jan 2011 – I haven’t updated this page in a while but I have made lots of progress in the last 4 weeks.  I am sitting at 91,000 words and am closing in on the climactic scene.  I am hoping to be done by this time next month.  The two main POV characters have met and are interacting.  I quit switching the chapter POV and now am combining them in the chapter.  On hindsight I think NaNoWriMo has really helped me write more consistently.  


19 Dec 2010 – Wrote a few thousand words and am getting very close to the climax of the book,  The streams will come together this week, it’s very exciting! 77,000 words.


11 Dec 2010 – I’ve decided to go with the new title at this point, and have been doing some writing on it.  Hopefully a lot more this weekend.  I’m excited and happy to be back at it.


30 Nov 2010 – NaNoWriMo is over and hopefully I have gained some momentun to propel me to the finish line for this book, I am back at it Thursday.  I would start tomorrow but I have to fly.

28 Oct 2010 – I’m a little over 300 pages written so far and closing in on the climax.  I have it plotted out to the end, now its just a matter of finishing it.

Here’s a short synopsis: (This needs to be redone before submittal)

     Nollevelle Corporation had a stranglehold on all interstellar commerce in the galaxy, benefitting from all the perks that went with that kind of power, and Laurent blamed himself.  Revenge was a common theme for his kind; he was a Nemesi, a vampire for lack of a better word. Laurent was the driving force behind the breakthrough of the Quantum Gates that propelled mankind to the stars, but his company lost control of the stargates nearly 300 years ago. Vim Dicaré meant vindication in a long dead language, but that was exactly what Laurent had in mind. Using a secret syndicate, he’s carefully mapped out retribution for a very long time.

     Anneliese was a born leader and pilot extraordinaire.  She came from a wealthy spacer family, growing up aboard her family’s star freighter, never wanting for anything except the one thing she couldn’t have; the captaincy of her father’s ship.  She was first born, but aboard the Rougarou, being a woman meant she would never be allowed to rise to command.  She plotted a new vector for her career path and left the comfort of the Rougarou to make captain on her own terms.  She was a rising star for Nobloquy, the military arm of Nollevelle, and just one step away from making captain on a smaller ship when an old flame changed the trajectory of her career, careening her into a series of hazardous incidents that put her onto a collision course with a hellbent vampire intent on payback.


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