My wife loves to decorate for Christmas.
And I love the Result. This is our master bedroom.
After 25 years of marriage visiting craft boutiques and shows, and hunting for bargains after Christmas we have amassed a lot of stuff to decorate the house.
This only the inside of the house, and not a comprehensive photo-essay, but it covers most of the stuff we have out right now.
Moving down the hall to the entryway. A lot of these things she created herself.
A few years back we decided to switch things up from the traditional. This is the living room.
Yes, we have eclectic taste, but we made a decision a few years ago, to decorate with stuff that made us laugh. Life is too short! Her trees and boughs are the best!
Now we transition into the dining area.
 We have a more traditional  Red and White Tree in here.
  Mud Room.
That just leaves the basement where the boys live and game.
We used to put up another big tree down here, but the cats were always rough on it. We have lots of room to expand on the decorations down here.
That’s it for now. I hope you all have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!