Revelation Void – 50,053 words/On Hold


06/29/12 – It’s been a while since I updated this page.  I really thought I would be done with Vim Dicaré by now and working on this story, but Air War College intervened and slowed things down considerably.  In the meantime, I ‘ve applied to a Master’s program for creative writing, and my current plan is to use the beginning of this novel as the start of my Master’s thesis.  The idea is still viable and although I haven’t looked at it in more than a year, I’m sure I can use the core of this story to create something good.  I am still waiting to hear if I’m accepted.
11/30/10 – Well I was successful in getting to 50k words by the 29th of November but I think I may only be 2/3 through the story.  I will put up some snippets of it later.  I am shelving it for now and returning to Vim Dicare to hopefully get that one done, and hopefully in just a few weeks. 

11/27/10 – I’ve been extremely slack about updating this page, my apologies.  I have spend most of my free time these past almost 4 weeks working on the book.  I had only a kernal of an idea and at times I wondered how I was going to get there, or what should happen next, but now I’m over 42,000 words in and its shaping up ok.  It’s turned out to be much more character driven than I had anticipated, which is fine, but it’s moving slow enough that I think I might actual get to novel length.  My original plan was for a novella.

I’ve added several characters and the cast has gotten fairly large, but I don’t see any more additions until they make the plunge through the anomoly.  They haven’t even gotten halfway there yet.  I’ll post an excerpt soon. 

Only 4 days left counting today, but I am confident that I will make it.  I’m still shocked that some people have over 100k words already and I know one person that has almost 200k!  In less than 30 days! Amazing, I wonder if it’s crap, but even if it is that’s pretty impressive.

10/30/10 – I spent some time today trying to find a more compelling title for the story and settled on this one, Revelation Void.  I think its better than Exiled!

10/29/10 – I debated whether to just finish my first novel during NaNoWriMo, but the intent is for it to be a new book.  50k words is a novella at best, but it could be a nice kernal for a novel length book too.  I had a good idea that I cooked up earlier this year so I’m running with it.

10/28/10 Exiled! is the book two working title. I like the idea, here’s the synopsis:
In the far future man has explored the majority of our universe and settle much of the Milky Way, but found no life originating outside of Earth. Our hero discovers an extragalactic anomoly that turns out to be a gateway to another universe teeming with life. His discovery only leads to more questions and the other sentient life is horrified to see the humans emerging from their Exile!

I’m working on this for National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as it’s better known.  That starts on 1 November.  The idea is to write 50,000 words in the month.  I haven’t decided yet if this will be a novella or a full length novel.