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Coronavirus Fears are Out of Control

Monday February 24, 2020 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Editorial | Leave Comments

The media has created a fear of the Coronavirus (covid-19) that is out of proportion worldwide. All the talk of pandemic and global fears causing the DOW to drop more than a thousand points today, all on emotion. According to medical sources, this season's flu has a mortality rate of around 3%. The mortality rate of the Coronavirus is between 1-2%. Why aren't we freaking out about the flu? It's crazy. There hasn't been a single case in the United States resulting in death. Most of the deaths, and all but one so far have been in China, have been as a result of people already being in poor health when they contracted it. The World Health Organization declined to declare the outbreak a pandemic today, as well. Let's not let fear get the better of us.

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