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Communicating in the 21st Century

Thursday March 24, 2016 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Editorial | Leave Comments

[caption id="attachment_53" align="alignleft" width="338"]communication Creative Commons Anne Worner - Communication[/caption] I recently watched a video of Celeste Headlee doing a TED talk on 10 Ways to have a better conversation. Celeste's TED Talk It was sadly eye-opening for me. For a long time I know I've struggled to be a good listener. Actually most of the time I don't struggle; I just don't listen well. I am a chronic interrupter. But, as usual, this is bigger than my poor listening skills. Celeste hits the nail on the head in pointing out that as our children grow up in this new connected environment we all live in, with a cell phone usually within arm's reach, that we've become accustomed to transmitting, but not receiving or interacting. Or if we do receive it is on our time and without the worry of interruption. There is little face-to-face conversation. I touch on this very issue in my story Quintessence where being connected in the future is not just habitual, it's the law. But I think these communication issues are very real. (more…)

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