World of Warcraft Classic Time Sink

wowclassicI made the mistake of downloading World of Warcraft Classic late last week. My boys started playing, then my wife got an invite from an old friend that was in our original raiding guild, that they were putting the band back together. It was enough to draw me in.

I had great intentions this weekend of putting the finishing touches on a piece that I had received feedback on. I had plans to write a bunch of post for the blog.

None of that happened.

I played WoW Classic all weekend. Pretty much nonstop. I think we will be doing our first raid either tonight or tomorrow.

In order to finish my first novel I gave up playing these types of games. I didn’t play during my MFA program either. It is a time sink.

I will say that going back to classic reminded me of why I played it. It is fun. You earn everything you get and there is something intrinsically good for the endorphins you release. I am going to have to step back from it . . . well, maybe not today. But at some point, if I ever want to get any more writing done . . .

Anyway, it was nice seeing you all again, I have some ears to collect.


5 Things Friday: Reasons I don’t have a Blog Post


  1. I’ve had a long week and I’m tired. I have hit all my running goals this week, plus added in PIYO on the off-days.
  2. Trying to do too many things at one time. Couple that with not liking my options and it is easy to drop it out of my priority list.
  3. I have been busy at work (not really,) which has taken away some time to do other things I enjoy. Besides, it was way too nice outside this week to get anything done inside.
  4. It’s after 11 pm on Thursday night and I want to sleep and haven’t written the blog post yet.
  5. I don’t feel like writing (that is a thing that must be constantly fought against.) Hopefully, I will feel like it this weekend. I have made very little progress on my short story this week, and honestly, I should have finished it by now.

Oops . . .