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New Glasses

Wednesday January 19, 2022 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | Photos | Leave Comments

So, I just got my new glasses. I love them! What do you think?

I can see quite well through them, which is the entire point, but I think they look cool. Can we still say that? Anyway, I saw the sunglasses on the shelf, they were blue-tinted with a mirror finish and I was instantly drawn to them. They are prescription glasses, so I can read on the beach if the situation presents itself. They don't look as blue in the office light of this picture, but trust me they are blue and dark tinted. Both pair are Oakleys, which I have a penchant for.

The last time I got prescription sunglasses the store told me that they couldn't do mirror finish or really make them very dark with a prescription. I'm not sure why they told me that unless they were completely ignorant or dishonest with me. But it was a couple of years ago and maybe tech has improved since then, sure. Well, we found a store not far from our house that not only has an incredible selection of frames and finishes, but they could do real sunglasses, in store. I got both pair back in 8 days to boot. Al I can say is wow!

NeoVision Optical, you are awesome and I will shop nowhere else for my glasses as long as I live in Indiana!

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