Writing Guilt

      I started down this writing road about 3 years ago, or was it 4?  Slowly but surely I’ve learned the tools of the trade.  I’ve also slowly become more immersed in the act of writing.  I have a day job still and will for at least 9 more years, but I’m preparing myself for writing success and a career after my current career.  I write more and more in my spare time.  When I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing or blogging about it.  I recently saw a quote:

“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” – Gloria Steinem

I find that to be very true.  Then there’s this one:

“Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.” ~ Lawrence Kasdan

      LOL, it’s so true.  I used to like to watch a few TV shows or catch up on DVDs of movies that I missed at the theater.  Now I just write in my free time and if I’m watching one of those TV shows or a DVD I feel guilty, that I really should be writing instead.   Anyone else have this issue?

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