Reboot – Effacement is now live!

Sunday January 31, 2021 | By Hieronymus Hawkes | cover reveal

I beg your indulgence for this first time author.

I received a 5-star review from Paul Goat Allen, a professional book critic who has worked with Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and BlueInk Reviews, to name a few, and he was kind enough to reach out to me with some suggestions to make it even better. He thought the title and cover were not making it clear who I was marketing this book to. He thought it was going to be a police procedural based on the title and cover.

I took his advice to heart and have relaunched the book with a new name and a new cover. Otherwise it is basically the same book.

Those of you who bought the first edition have a collectors edition now. The story is the same.

Check out the book at Amazon here!

If you missed the first link to the review you can see it on Goodreads here.

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